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Cthulhu Mythos Magick Solomonic Style

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Cthulhu Mythos Magick Solomonic Style Empty Cthulhu Mythos Magick Solomonic Style

Post  nitocris Thu Nov 15, 2012 11:33 pm

I have been working with Solominic style magick on and off for over 4 decades. Back in the mid 90s I began toying with some ideas, mostly as a mental exercise, on working with the mythos as legitimate magick. I did read some of what people were doing with their various traditions, mostly left hand path or chaos magick traditions. Having been trained in the paths of Senteria, Celtic Druidry, and Solomonic Magick, I found I worked best with the Crowleyan method, although his OTO and Golden Dawn material was not an exact fit either.
So..... I began dreaming. I have always been a lucid dreamer. I understand alot of people dont. I dont really know how I do it actually. I just have always been lucid in altered states of consciousness.
I met and walked with a dark man in my dreams, and since I had my four guardian beasts with me all the time, and my faith in them and their judgment has been largely unshakable, I followed where this man led except when my guardians indicated I should not go there. The man never seemed irritated or contentious when I refused, but rather just took me elsewhere.
I began to realize that my interest in the Lovecraft material was permitting me to shape or perceive the dreamlands as the Dreamlands, so I traveled about there. Whether it was my belief that shaped them or Lovecraft wrote about an actual place within the realm of dreams is unknown to me. I would love for the latter to be true, but I know mankind's capacity to shape things as he wills it. It is this that also leads to confusion in the material world with those that witness an event or a crime shaping their memory according to their experience. Truth is part knowledge, which is the representation of scientific method and perception which is the shaper of intuition and inspiration. Truth, like the world at large, is the composite of these things, at least from the perspective of creatures that exist in three dimensions and bound by the fourth.
Sorry..... I am digressing. I do that.
I began building a language upon the extent works of Lovecraft and his minions and my explorations of libraries and temples within the dreamlands. I called it Aqlo, and began to work with it in both spells and talismans.
I finally, with a fair amount of hubris, decided to actually attempt to conjure one of the Lovecraftian entities. Being that I have always favored cold, ice, and winter, and I have no actual fear of much of anything, I selected Ithaqua. Besides, one of his attributes is the Wendigo, a north American spirit, and I dwell, at least currently, in North America.
Using the method of Agrippa, I cast the horoscope to determine the time and hour best suited to this. I put together the conjuration and the dismissal in Aqlo and made the seal of Ithaqua, which I would wear as a lamen. I also found the names of the appropriate spirits that I would use in the conjuration, although my work was Solominic in nature, I utilized the method of Agrippa in a fashion a bit more organized for beings of chaos, rather than good or evil spirits in the traditional sense.
I went to a town park and did my conjuration in the appropriate time.
And it worked beyond my wildest dreams.
It was a cold clear day, and very still. I saw, with my actual physical eyes, the pillar of winds that descended out of a grayness above the park and strike the ground. The trees directly next to this manifestation bucked and twisted, but stood firm. The ones next to them, but further away, showed no evidence of wind whatsoever. I had never seen anything like it.
And then it began to move slowly toward me.
I had not thought of anything to ask for. Actually there was nothing I wanted. I also forgot to determine whether or not I had anything to offer him. So I began my dismissal. I was in a town park, after all. And there were streets full of innocent folk that this thing could just go ripping through. In my arrogance I had actually called something up.
My dismissal did not work. So I did the second version, with threats of Elder Gods and such. It still did not work. I finally pulled out a general dismissal of the Great Old Ones I had written some time earlier, but was in an earlier form of Aqlo that I had created first. I repeated it three times, determined to not move regardless of what happened because nobody was going to suffer for my foolishness but me.
I felt the wind on my nose and cheeks and then it was gone.
My dismissals were worthless. It chose to leave. And it chose not to take me then and there. Since then I have made peace with Ithaqua.
But the lesson was simple.
Dont call up what you cannot send away. And since that time I have worked absolutely no heavy magick. I have been writing, by hand, the grimoire of this method.
I am not sure why I am telling everyone about this.
I have been largely silent on this site, but I guess I am throwing this out there to see what my peers think, and get their perspective on my experience.




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